Quick City Guide: Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world without a doubt, anybody can agree on that. So this makes Barcelona the most touristy place ever, which can be frustrating to visit. Despite these facts, it is still a beautiful city in all ways and I haven’t heard anyone who dislike Barca. This city has everything for everyone and its unique ambiance is enough to seduce anyone who come to explore the city.

Architecture in Barcelona definitely shines out and makes this city incomparable to other cities. Get ready to load up with history, culture, delicious food, plenty of relaxed and fun times. Leave at least 3 days for this trip. Make sure to catch a Flamenco Show during your visit, drink sangria, eat tapas and paella.

When To Go- May to June, September to October. Avoid July and August when tourists rush.

Where To Stay- Try to stay central as much as possible around La Ramblas. Any place near the metro station should be fine. Beach area neighborhoods can be considered as well. Accommodation may look expensive so make sure to check AirBnB for cheaper options.

Getting Around- is easy by metro, although the city is walkable anyway.

La Rambla

La Rambla is the main destination for all tourists wish to visit first in Barcelona and it’s located at the center of the city. It is a boulevard that 1.2 km long, full with souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Don’t miss out exploring the side streets which is giving you La Boqueria a.k.a one of the largest food markets in Europe, Plaça Reial and Gothic Quarter.

Sagrada Familia

This one of a kind masterpiece, world famous church is a must seen. If you want to get inside, make sure to buy your tickets online in advance. Otherwise you have to wait in a long line for hours at the entrance. Anyhow make sure to get there as early as possible in the morning.

Park Güell

Most unique and impressive park ever to visit. You can spend at least your half day here. Take your time and explore every part of the park. It also has the best view of the city. Take the bus no. 24 to Carretera Carmel-Park Güell stop, so you can start touring from top of the hill and continue down hill.


What is greater than a nice, long sandy beach located in a city. Yes, this beach is in a walking distance to the city center. Perfect for a break from all the hustle and bustle of traveling. Can be quite crowded though but you can’t expect an empty beach in a city, right? Enjoy some beach activities, water sports and treat yourself with a tapas or a cocktail at beach bars and restaurants.

Points of Interest

Bonus: Casa Mila (more Gaudi masterpiece, Camp Nou for football fans, Montjuic

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