Bodie, CA: Coolest Ghost Town in America

When we were planing our west coast road trip with my best friend, we went through numerous travel websites, blogs and guide books. We were mostly on the same page. But I had one more thing in my mind. Ghost towns!!! How could I ever leave America without seeing an actual ghost town. They are one the coolest places to be seen in America. I could not let this happen. So I told my friend we also should add a ghost town to our road trip schedule, she didn’t seem interested but she was fine with it. So I start researching and find best yet creepy ghost town in California named Bodie.

We start the day early at Las Vegas heading to Death Valley, following 5 more hours drive to Bodie, then finish the day at Lee Vining. When we were finally close according to our Scottist speaking male GPS, somehow we were on this dirt road filled with potholes and rocks in the middle of nowhere. This cannot be the right way going to Bodie.

I was driving carefully, 4 miles per hour, try not to fall off the sides. My friend was like, “are we here for this?, we are gonna die because of your stupid ghost town” and I was like, “come on it’s gonna be so damn cool” but I was also freaking out, where we were heading, how long was this gonna take and do we have enough gas for this?

After driving half an hour with fear, we finally make it to Bodie State Historic Park just before they close at 6pm and we totally love it there. This abandoned gold-mining town has the looks of a movie set. The area, houses, objects are such well protected, you feel like walking in the late 1800’s.

We had such a blast exploring this ghost town, it should be added to your list.

Wondering how we got back? Well, just off the park, we were on this nice, smooth asphalt road all the way to Lee Vining, still questioning why our beloved GPS took us to this dirt road that obviously no one was using. Follow these directions just in case and don’t forget to check park hours and info before you go.

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