Reasons To Visit Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is the hottest and driest experience you get in the United States and doesn’t look like any other deserts. Driving through the park already giving you an epic scenery.

The park is extremely large and there are many points to see inside. It’s located between the states of California and Nevada. It is open year-round.

Where To Stay- Camping and lodging available around the area. Or you pass through the park, see what to see on daytime and sleep at towns nearby. The closest big city is Las Vegas.

What To See- Look up for all the highlights to find out what to see. We had such a short time so we came down to these 2 options and they are totally worth to see.

1. Badwater Basin

I don’t think I haven’t been anywhere as hot as this place in my life (October). As soon as I left the car, I was in all sweat and covered sunburn. I was so impressed by the landscape, I didn’t care how hot it was. Totally a must see point in the park.

2. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes


Points of Interest


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