Here’s Why You Should Visit The Grand Canyon Before You Die

After a cancelled flight, 8 hours of driving, 3 stops and a speeding ticket, we finally make it to Grand Canyon National Park. We park our car, pack our stuff, set our cameras, get off the car and start walking. As we get closer, our excitement gets higher.

The track is a bit uphill so we only see bunch of people standing on the edge, but for what’s further, it seems like there is an enormous gap. We look at each other and our eyes talk only. What we were about to see was something incredible and massive, we were certainly sure about it on that very exact moment. The curiosity was pumping so much thrill so we start running, anxious to get to the point seeing the canyon. After running for a few meters, we finally make it there and this is what we see…

It is just so breathtaking and fascinating, it was totally worth to every effort we made, every penny we spent to get there. It’s not the same as you see in the pictures. It’s deeper and more humongous than you imagine. You need to see this wonder of nature with your own eyes before you die and I assure you, you will feel nothing but admiration.

Things To Know

The Park has 2 different sides, the North Rim and the South Rim. The South Rim has better views and open all year unlike the North Rim.

There are plenty of viewpoints at the park. Park your car, then ride free shuttle buses to get you around. Viewpoints should not be missed: Mather, Yavapai, Desertview, Yaki, Moran, Hopi, Maricopa, Pima Points. For a detailed map click here.

You need at least a full day to see it all. You can also go for a hike and a river trip, requiring more days to stay. There is a campground located in Grand Canyon Village, open year-round. To make a reservation visit Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance.

For general information such as fees, opening hours, transportation and things to do, take a look at


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  3. I appreciate that you point out that you will need a full day to see all of the Grand Canyon. My parents are planning on taking all of their children on a vacation to there next year. I’ll have to remind them that we will need plenty of time to see everything.

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