Las Vegas, The City of Entertainment

Las Vegas is one of the most known cities on planet earth. Everybody knows that it’s a large city built in the middle of a desert and famous with gambling, nightlife, entertainment and shopping.

Its main street called the Strip and here’s gonna be the place you’ll spend most of your time. The Strip is 4 miles/6.5 km long, many of the large resort hotels and casinos located here.

Where To Stay- Stay on the Strip. Use the map view on Go through the hotels on the Strip and pick the one works for your budget.

Things To Do

Gamble, eat, drink, party in a club, party in a pool, watch a show, see a concert, get married.. Just get out there, get drunk and have fun! All these happening on the Strip.

While walking along the Strip, don’t miss out these hotels which offer many attractions; Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides, Paris Hotel and Eiffel Tower, New York-New York Hotel (roller coaster), Bellagio Resort and Fountain, Caesars Palace and the Colosseum, Luxor Hotel, Stratosphere Tower. For information on shows, attractions and event schedules, make sure to check out

In addition to these, off the Strip, you can experience the illuminated world of Freemont Street.

One last thing, you can’t leave Las Vegas without taking a photo with the “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign.

WARNING!!! Gambling is addicting. We only played with the slots since we don’t know how to play other games and slots are actually a lot of fun. In Vegas, you won’t believe how many different slots are there and they definitely win your attention with their glamourous looks. I play with slots everywhere I go and I haven’t seen anything close to the ones in Las Vegas.

One night, we were playing with the slots again, hopping from one to another. Eventually, I lost the money that I had a limit for gambling. My friend also lost and she had to stop after this point. But she didn’t. She asked me to borrow her some money to play more. I said no. But she was begging me, promising to pay me back later. I was looking at her wondering, “what did Vegas do to you?”.

So I gave her the money. She won back the money she lost, the money I borrowed and a little profit from our favorite slot machine, the Hangover. This was more than enough. I told her to stop, she agreed, took the voucher, cash it and we left. This whole time was intense and fun at the same time but it could have gone worse.

Long story short, go gamble but know where to stop.



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