5 Stops You Need To Make on Pacific Coast Highway

It’s the highway along the most amazing and scenic coastline of America as well as a perfect road trip destination. Between San Francisco and San Diego, there is no doubt it’s gonna be an epic journey for you.

Stop anywhere you want, take photos, admire the view, laugh a lot, be curious and discover. Scenery is so beautiful, we stopped most of the time. Make sure to have an eye for all directions, as you get to witness more sights.

1. Monterey

Make your way through Monterey Bay to Carmel-by-the-Sea. Carmel is a very nice small beach town where you can chill with all the other old people visiting and living.

2. Big Sur

Here is where the fun begins. Best views of this road trip!!!

3.Santa Barbara

Perfect place to end the day where you can rest.

4. Malibu

It’s famous name is enough to make a quick stop.

5. Santa Monica

Arriving in Santa Monica means you almost made it to Los Angeles. You can’t skip this vibrant and colorful place without taking a stroll at Santa Monica Pier.


Points of Interest


Bonus: Santa Cruz, San Jose, Morro Rock, Huntington Beach, Oceanside


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